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ROI Case Study

A major medical device manufacturer, chose to adopt Adaptive Insights’ Adaptive Planning for forecasting, planning, and accounting across many of its manufacturing sites. Nucleus found that by adopting Adaptive Planning, the company was able to improve visibility, increase trust in financial forecasts and analysis, provide greater auditability, and increase finance and non-finance employee productivity.

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5 Technology Strategies That Drive Success for Finance Executives

Adaptive sat down with a panel of financial leaders to discuss what they see as success in today’s fast moving financial landscape: Mike Dinsdale, CFO of DocuSign, Tarun Bhatia, CFO of KIPP, and Gene Domecus, COO of Blurb, Pamela Langshaw, Finance Manager and 15-year veteran of Coca Cola.

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Analytics for CFOs

Dashboards have been around for years now, but never has their value been as apparent as it is today. In a business climate with little room for error, finance executives are turning to dashboard analytics to guide smarter decision making.

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The Changing Manufacturing Landscape: Why Corporate Performance Excellence is No Accident

Excellent corporate performance seldom happens by accident. In order to excel in performance you need a plan; you need to monitor, analyze, and manage performance against that plan and you need the agility to adjust as business conditions change.

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How to Avoid Three Costly Reporting Mistakes

Most companies today know that their management reporting is not as good as it should be. Many however are slow to take action to correct it.

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Cloud for Finance Value and Performance: Consolidation, Analytics and Planning

This paper uses Saugatuck’s research to:

  • Introduce the top challenges reported by Finance executives
  • Explain how these challenges are met and overcome by Cloud-based solutions
  • Identify the most significant business improvements experienced by Finance groups
  • Lay the groundwork for future use of Cloud-based solutions for Finance, and
  • Provide guidance regarding what Cloud solutions, and providers, must deliver to increase the tactical and strategic value of Finance to the enterprise.
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