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Customers are the center of our long-term success. At GoPlan, our mission is to ensure that every customer experiences a complete and successful project implementation. Our highly-skilled and experienced team is unique in the marketplace.

As a part of our delivery, we focus on ensuring that clients have proper training, resulting in high User Adoption. We strongly encourage potential clients to reach out to our customers to hear their individual success stories.

Lastly, we make the implementation process fun and strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. Our philosophy is unique compared to alternative services partners. We gladly back our commitments in our contracts.

Planning and analysis across dimensions that matter including: grants, funds, employees, programs, projects and more

Maintain compliance with external reporting requirements through easy drag and drop reporting across financial and operational detail

Integrates with common Higher Education systems like Banner, PeopleSoft, Jenzabar, and Workday

100% cloud delivery proven to be over 75% more cost-effective than traditional on-premise CPM systems


Educational institutions face common financial planning challenges when budgeting across many dimensions like grants, employees, programs, or funds. Typically there is minimal collaboration among the various departments, and the Budget Office wants more accountability in the budgeting and planning process. As such, end-users find the traditional On-Premise systems to be too complicated and realize that Excel is not the right solution to maintain, collaborate, and consolidate overall budgets at the institution’s top-level.

General Ledger systems like Banner or Kuali (to name a few) are popular and well-suited for storing data from transactions and common charts of accounts. However, these systems are not ideal for analyzing key metrics like enrollment, break-even analysis, or revenue per student.

“UCSD Housing, Dining & Hospitality chose GoPlan to implement Adaptive Insights for our new reporting, budgeting and planning model which has helped dramatically improve visibility, transparency and accountability of all our financial operations. They helped us design, implement and launch the best budgeting system on the entire UCSD campus and were extremely responsive and collaborative in all phases of the project. I would highly recommend GoPlan as an implementation partner because of their team’s experience and technical savvy with Adaptive.”

Erwin Sandan
Director of Finance, University of California San Diego Housing Dining & Hospitality

“As our implementation partner, GoPlan has supported SDSU in communicating our business needs to Adaptive Insights which has resulted in product developments that will benefit SDSU as well as other Adaptive users.”

Crystal Little
Director, Budget & Finance, San Diego State University


Non-profit organizations require strict fiscal management. Budgets must be accurate to ensure that organizations operate within their means. Non-profit organizations can be complex, involving multiple funds (restricted and unrestricted), programs, and locations. Non-profit organizations often have detailed allocation schemes to load funds or programs with costs from overhead locations.

The Boards for non-profit organizations often require visibility into a budget, prior to approving the allocation of resources. Non-profit organizations must be confident that the financial summaries, which are being presented to the board and to the public, are accurate and reliable. In addition, it is critical for non-profit organizations to accurately forecast cash flow, to ensure that they have the cash that they need, when they need it.

Outdated spreadsheet-based systems are inefficient, error-prone, and fundamentally unsuited to handle the complex, dynamic planning and reporting solutions that non-profit organizations need.

“After comparing options, GoPlan stood out as the clear choice for implementing Adaptive Insights for Landesa. They were able to meet our tight six week time frame for developing a planning model for our annual budgeting process, and delivered an excellent solution that meets our needs very well. It has been a pleasure to work with Dominic, Adrianna, and the rest of the GoPlan team as we continue to implement our model.”

Steve Vitalich
Controller, Landesa


Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies require strict financial management to inform strategic business decisions aimed at meeting overall corporate goals and shareholder expectations. Budgets must be accurate to ensure that the business continues to operate within its means, while continuing to build and sustain long-term growth. Business decisions can be complex, focused on growing a portfolio of pipeline products in various stages of development and multiple therapeutic areas, requiring transparency into R&D spending, resource management, capacity planning, ROI, and Cash Flow management.

The Board of Directors for Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies often require visibility into the budget, prior to approving the allocation of resources and making strategic trade-off decisions with a focus on growing the pipeline. Often times, the fluctuations in revenue and cost is significant, so accurate planning is key to success. Being able to run What-If analyses is fundamental to informing strategic business decisions when making pipeline investment decisions to ensure long-term growth.

Outdated spreadsheet-based systems are inefficient, error-prone, and fundamentally unsuited to handle the complex, dynamic planning and reporting solutions that Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies need.

“Adaptive Insights has allowed us to increase engagement with budget owners and be able to analyze data more efficiently. All the variance analysis can be pulled and done systematically which allow us to manage our budget more precisely since we no longer have to manually transfer data and manipulate it in order to create reports.”

Michelle Lee
Sr. Manager Finance Planning and Analysis, NanoString Technologies, Inc


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Software organizations require management of different business lines from licenses, services, support, and training. Their budgets must be accurate to ensure that they analyze each business line. Their organizations can be complex, involving complex revenue recognition, R&D, and financials management.

These organizations’ boards often require a budget prior to approving initiatives . Often times, internal and external compliance to regulations is important. The ability to plan and forecast revenue streams helps determine how agile the business can react.

Spreadsheet-based systems are inefficient, error-prone, and fundamentally unsuited for the complex, dynamic planning and reporting required by these organizations.

“Christine and Florence, the architect and project manager at GoPlan, provided outstanding support building DEA’s complex and sophisticated model. The expertise, guidance and training Christine and Florence delivered enabled us to power through the road blocks we encountered. Our model included staffing (direct labor, indirect labor, utilization rates, union employees, contract employees, commissions, and labor burden), capital expenditures, revenue and backlog, billed equipment, prepaid sheets, and allocations to say the least.”

Michael Vargas
Accounting Manager, David Evans and Associates, Inc.

“It was a pleasure working with the entire GoPlan team. They did a great job of building (and sometimes rebuilding) the model based on our specific requirements, and were even a fun group of people to work with. I highly recommend their services as you can count on them to get the job done timely and at a high quality. Thanks GoPlan!”

Shannon Nelson
Controller, AJ Antunes

GoPlan was able to efficiently assist US Synthetic in developing and implementing a sophisticated model in Adaptive Insights. Thanks to their help we have been able to effectively use our model to improve collaboration, disseminate information, and significantly cut time in producing many different forecast versions. Most importantly they listened to our needs and found a way to fit those needs into the system.”

Jordan Farr
Director of FP&A, US Synthetic

GoPlan achieved what every other company said was impossible! The went live on Adaptive and presented a budget for a multi-company organization in less than two months. The implementation was smooth and seamless thanks to Pam Rohrer and Adrianna DeLorenzo. We’re beyond thrilled with the work that the entire team has done. Their support has truly been invaluable and we are looking forward to working with them on the next phases of our integration.”

Jayne Walters
Interim Controller, Tenura Holdings, LLC