GoPlan offers multiple services delivery options for Adaptive Insights and BlackLine implementations. All Implementations can be done virtually or onsite.


Packages with fixed blocks of hours and deliverables such as creation of a P&L and enhanced options such as building a balance sheet and cash flow are great starter packs for those just beginning with Adaptive Insights and BlackLine. We work with you to define the scope of work for the engagement and deliver what is agreed upon. Fixed bids are our most popular type of project.


Blocks of hours can be purchased for use at any time with your consultant for any work you need. Integration projects are completed on a time and materials basis.


Because of the flexibility of the Adaptive Insights and BlackLine software, implementations can be done in phases with different milestones and timing. For example, phase 1 may include detailed personnel and revenue models and a P&L, phase 2 is creation of a balance sheet and cash flow, and phase 3 is automating integration to the ERP system. We can provide suggestions on milestones and phases based on your timeline and experience with other clients. We inform you of any model dependencies that could impact any phases.


We check in with our customers 30, 60, and 90 days post going live. We asses the project success by reviewing goals and metrics to ensure all criteria for your organizations success have been met.


As your on-demand advisors, you can trust us to provide recommendations and deliver solutions that improve your business operations. We believe in using technology to drive improvements and efficiencies, both for your business and for your engagements with us. We utilize project management and virtual meeting software to keep everyone on track and in sync throughout implementation. When you work with GoPlan, you’re getting personalized Adaptive Insights and BlackLine guidance from our high quality team.

Our proven implementation methodology combines best practices from real-world experience, from working in FP&A and accounting at a Fortune 500 companies, to extensive hours using Adaptive Insights and BlackLine software. Our framework drives consistency and execution across all of our implementations so you can rest at ease knowing your project will be on time and on budget.

The first step in your journey with GoPlan is to define business and technical requirements. We will work with your team to create a road-map that includes short and long-term goals. We believe input and approval from stakeholders from project inception is key to ensure commitment and success, and we can work on site or remotely to develop a joint solution.

Once requirements are agreed upon, we align the project teams. Each engagement with GoPlan includes a project manager, an implementation director, and two application and integration consultants. Key sponsors from your team will also be established. During the project kickoff phase, we will set up weekly calls and action items for both teams to ensure accountability throughout the engagement.

Constant communication is critical, especially during the design phase. We want you to be involved early on and every step of the way, so we can design an architecture that fits your needs. Lack of involvement compounds problems, therefore our business model is built on a joint collaboration and partnership. In the design phase, we ensure your business requirements are translated to the software and fulfill the technical requirements laid out in the analysis phase. For example, we take personnel planning requirements, such as payroll caps and rates by states, union cost, and bonuses by job codes and build that logic into the software during the design phase.

One the model is built as agreed upon in the analyze phase, wide-scale user acceptance testing commences. Though constant iteration is done in the design phase, the test phase involves a complete end-to-end testing of scenarios for different business processes from all groups that will be using the software. Any updates are made in this final stage before deployment. Once use acceptance testing has concluded it is time to go live. We work with you to make sure all users are set up with the appropriate access, prepare comprehensive documentation, and deliver everything you need to be successful!