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Health Checks

It’s important to keep your Adaptive Insights and BlackLine models up-to-date with the newest features to ensure optimal performance and scalability. GoPlan Health Checks are designed to identify areas of improvement so your model is running at top speed and leveraging the most efficient formula, report, and dashboard capabilities. Each Health Check consists of a:

  • Quarterly 1-2 hour free consultation
  • Recommendation document on ways to enhance the model

Health checks are especially useful after new software releases and for long-time customers who could benefit from a tune-up to ensure maximum model efficiency. We also proactively reach out to our customers who we know would benefit from a new feature that’s been released, a new product to meet a need, or a fix in the software.


Health Checks for the Safety of your Organization

Continuous checks to ensure your design model is working at peak performance

Implements Assurance and Reduces Costs

100% cloud delivery proven to be over 75% more cost-effective than traditional on-premise CPM systems & guaranteed client support

Integrates with Current and Future Systems

Certifying any System Integrations are Completely Seamless

Continuous Support by GoPlan

Maintain compliance with external reporting requirements through easy drag and drop reporting across financial and operational detail

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