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Adoption, ownership, and widespread buy-in is critical to the success of any new initiative, process change, or technology roll-out. At GoPlan, we have a robust learning ecosystem that reduces barriers to adoption and helps maximize the return on your investment by quickly getting everyone on board and reaching full productivity.

Our focus on enabling finance and end users alike to take ownership through ongoing education is a core differentiator from the partner community. We specialize in helping users see the value of the software by delivering onsite infrastructure-led courses to self-paced virtual training, to set your team up for success with Adaptive Insights and BlackLine software.

Why GoPlan Training & Education
  • Onsite delivery
  • Ongoing education opportunities
  • Access to live webinars
  • Veteran team knowledge and expertise

Live Webinars


Ongoing Education


Knowledge and Expertise

videos include:
  • Structural considerations and model dependencies
  • Sheet types
  • Formulas
  • P&L planning
  • BS and CF planning
  • Reporting
  • Security and access
  • Workflow and approvals
Administrator Training

We arm finance administrators with the concepts needed for a smooth implementation and ongoing management. Our comprehensive training teaches you the foundation, concepts and dependencies you need before kicking off your project, as well as the building blocks for continued model evolution. Our training courses are designed to focus on theory and real-world examples that incorporate both general finance and software best practices.

We believe training is most impactful when the information is broken into smaller sub-sections, so our courses guide you through the various areas of the model build in segments. The GoPlan, GoLive Guidebook is a detailed checklist we’ve developed that maximizes the knowledge transfer through implementation and beyond. Examples of sections in the guidebook with corresponding training videos.



Security and Access



End User Training

Oftentimes, the most significant obstacle to going live with a new software is resistance from users. To help you overcome that hurdle, we formulate an end user adoption strategy based on the experience gained from the hundreds of implementation we’ve completed across a variety of implementations. We want your organization to reap all the benefits of your investment, which is why we ensure end users are trained and motivated to actually use the software and get back to their career goals. At the core of our training programs is to provide dedicated education on how the software benefits users and proof on how it will make their job easier.

A unique service offered by GoPlan is our pre-built end user training template. The template provides an overview of the different areas of the software and can be used as a starting point for training. As part of the end user strategy we can lead ongoing education to identify areas for additional support and craft documentation as a standard.

Topics include:
  • Entering expense budget items
  • Drilling into details on sheets
  • Running a report
  • Analyzing with dashboards

Expense Budget Items

Running A Report

Analyzing with Dashboards


All training can be done both onsite and remotely. Onsite administrator and end user training has proven very effective for our customers, as users can interact in a hands-on environment and ask questions live directly to the GoPlan team.